The Garden Shops Program on GrowIt!​

The only mobile app that is putting Independent Garden Centers directly in front of Millennial shoppers!​ Yes, I’m an IGC and I want to connect with more millennial shoppers! Send me program details & pricing.​

IGC's struggle to connect with Millennial Shoppers

  • Mobile apps are the new solution centers
  • The word "Gardening" and it's supporting garden centers are intimidating
  • There is a perception that a garden center is the left side of a box store
Millenial group

The Growit! Garden Shops Program

The only marketing and tech solution that is designed to get Independent Garden Centers new and younger customers.

Why GrowIt?:​ 50% of GrowIt! users are under 35 years old
(your future customers)!​

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This is how it works​

When you purchase an affordable subscription you get...​

1. An award winning app that will support your customers​

Being a small business is hard. Too many tasks, not enough people. Let GrowIt! handle the easy plant questions, so you can focus on selling more plants.​

Plant Identification​

GrowIt! identified 35,000 plants in 2016 and then supplied those gardeners with detailed plant information to create better educated consumers.​

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Ask a Question​

Our localized Q&A gives our members the ability to ask any plant question and receive feedback from gardeners in their own area. This local component ensures relevant answers.​

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Find the perfect plant​

GrowIt! users searched by color over 1 million times in 2016. Make it easy for your customers to find great plants even if they don’t know the Latin names.​

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Yes, I’m an IGC and I want to connect with more millennial shoppers! Send me program details & pricing.​

2. Instantly Connected with the Next Generation of Gardeners​

Advertising through traditional formats is no longer effective. Tomorrow’s consumer wants to create a connection, not just see the specials. GrowIt! makes it easy to establish authentic connections.​

Sharing = Connecting​

Connecting to members in your area isn’t rocket science, just add photos of some of the plants you carry. Our members love plants, they want you to share.​

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Conversation creates Authenticity​

With over 10,000 conversations every year, there are plenty of ways for you to participate and lend your wisdom to the GrowIt! Community. Help ID plants, answer questions or just confirm you have what people are looking for.​

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Recognition for Garden Shops​

Everything you do leads members to your profile which includes: who you are, what your about, and store details.​

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3. An edge over your competition​

In an industry dominated by box stores and online shopping, you need a marketing program and innovative technology that is good enough for the big guys but available exclusively for you.​

Built for small business​

Only independent garden centers have the opportunity to be listed as a garden shop. You don’t have to compete with your box store competitors on GrowIt!.​

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Spend less time... more effective! The big social platforms include content from thousands of hobbies, your gardening messages can be easily lost. GrowIt! is plant exclusive and with a dedicated feed for Garden Shops, you are top of mind for members!​

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Our Members are your neighbors​

GrowIt! is the fastest growing plant community in the world! No matter where you are located, there are members just around the corner that are waiting to connect with you!​

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Yes, I’m an IGC and I want to connect with more millennial shoppers! Send me program details & pricing.​